Than Tao Mahaprom Foundation Earawan Hotel
Year 2021
handed the medical euipments to 112 hospitals and public clinics in the provinces.
he donation valued 96.47 million Baht in total.

Ventilator Donation Ceremony for Hospitals to help COVID-19 patient.
377 units valued 55.00 million Baht in total.

Than Tao Mahaprom Foundation Earawan Hotel, by Professor Paichitr Rojanavanich, The Board Chairman, The year 2021 has handed the medical equipments to 112 hospitals and public clinics in the provinces. The donation total valued 96,467,150.00 Baht ( Ninety-six million, four hundred and sixty-seven thousand, one hundred fifty baht.) And on Friday, July 16th, 2021 Ventilator Donation Ceremony for Hospitals 377 units total valued 55,000,000 Baht (Fifty-five million baht)

The fund for these medical equipments was collected from the donation box at the Than Tao Mahaprom Temple, Erawan Hotel, which locates on Rajaprasong Junction, Rajdamri Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok. Kind-hearted believers have donated for the renovation of the temple, as well as for supporting other public charity activities. After the renovation, there left a large amount of money, so the Foundation’s committees have agreed to use this amount in acquiring the medical equipments and donate to public hospitals and clinics, or support other charity activities as appropriated. The Foundation keeps playing its role on social activities continuously since 1969.

The Foundation has officially found in August 1993, with object to use the interest from the fund for supporting the hospitals and public clinics. Until December 2021 the Foundation has been supported by 1,026 donators, and is holding 1,085,703,702.41 Baht of fund.

In this occasion, the Foundation has donated the money as well as the medical equipments for 1,724 hospitals and social activities valued 2,469,612,132.92 Baht (Two billion, four hundred and sixty-nine million, six hundred and twelve thousand, one hundred and thirty-two baht ninety-two satang).

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